The Art of Split-Second Success by Robert Channing

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The Art of Split-Second Success

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As Seen on TV and LIVE Around the World...

"What does Syracuse University, Miami University, Boston College and so many more all have in common?"

Imagine The World's Foremost Mind Reader, Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker, Entertainer and Author Performing at YOUR Special Event...

A man stands in front of your audience at your next event. You watch as his eyes are covered with two coins. Then they are taped to his head with row after row after row of thick, dark tape. And then a thick blindfold is placed on top of that. There is no way he can see.

He is then handed a bowl stuffed with questions from your audience. Without looking at a single question, this now totally blind man somehow reads the questions and the minds of your audience - and answers them.

Your audience screams, squirms, laughs, and loves this amazing display of the power of the human mind. The man on stage is Robert Channing. He has performed for Motorola, Fed-Ex, 3M, Fortune 500 companies, Daimler Chrysler, Kraft Foods, movie stars, super stars, heads of states, authors, speakers, top level executives, and many more.

"What these people and colleges have in common is they have all hosted events of great success with Robert Channing."

Just imagine what he can do for YOUR audience

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