ESP/Mentalist Show

Frequently Asked Questions:

The #1 Question always is — How does he do it?

Everyone is amazed and entertained with Robert Channing’s mind-boggling show! No matter who your audience is, Robert always leaves them in absolute amazement. Even the most discriminating audiences and the biggest skeptics love the anticipation and speak of the excitement long after the show is over. Robert’s E.S.P. Show is self-contained and easy to accommodate – all he needs is a microphone and an audience. Your event will be a guaranteed SUCCESS!

Would Robert’s presentation be considered a lecture?

It is by no means a lecture – it is a show… not just any show – it is a show beyond your imagination! It is definitely one of the most Amazing, Mind Expanding, Fast-Paced, Entertaining Shows you’ll ever experience… and you will be glad you did.

Is Robert supplied with any information about anybody in the audience prior to the show?

Not at all. Robert needs absolutely no prior knowledge about anyone. The people Robert calls on are completely random and pleasantly surprised. The people that he chooses are usually the ones who appear to be the most amazed.

Does Robert use any assistants for his show?

Quite the contrary! Robert is a one man show – and uses absolutely no confederates or stooges to assist him with his amazing predictions or “visions”. Robert offers a $100,000 reward to anyone who can prove that he is assisted in any way.

What size group is ideal for hosting Robert's E.S.P. Show?

Robert's E.S.P. Show is just as effective before a small audience of a dozen people as it is for an audience of 500 and more. Regardless of the size of the audience his effect is always the same – absolute amazement and extreme entertainment.

How does your audience participate in the show?

You receive mystery entertainment that draws the audience into the performance as they become involved in the experience. Robert interacts with members of your audience while they remain seated - much like watching a stand up comedian.

The anticipation builds throughout the show, as each person in the audience feels that at any moment, they could be in the spotlight. Robert's quick wit and constant stream of humor makes this a lighthearted, fun and exciting experience for everyone.

From our experience, your audience will respond well to the:

  • High-Energy Talent
  • Charisma
  • Creative Delivery
  • Audience Participation
  • Originality
  • Clean Comedy
  • Amazing Acts of Astonishment
Is anything ever revealed that could prove embarrassing?

Absolutely NOT. Robert is extremely professional and sensitive to your audience's feelings and privacy. Robert always presents his shows with the utmost respect for your audience.

All of his presentations are carefully structured and planned with a compelling goal in mind - to make his clients look good.

When is the best time to use Robert's E.S.P. Show?

Whether you’re throwing an awards show, a banquet, or some other professional or personal event, Robert Channing will not only astonish your audience, but also leave them struck with a sense of awe, amazement. This is one experience they will never outlive.

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It's perfect for entertaining important clients or for absolutely any occasion at which you might need sophisticated, amazing and fun entertainment.

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